UV RTR printers

The Color Laboratory store's offer includes various models of UV printers designed for printing on roll materials. Flora plotters are an excellent choice for those enterprises that care about the efficiency of RTR (roll-to-roll) printing, low operating costs and above-average quality. Flora's UV printers are designed to be durable tools for industrial production. Modern solutions and components from reputable suppliers used in XTRA models ensure reliable operation of the devices. Printers configured by our experienced service technicians meet the highest expectations in terms of professional printing on flexible materials.

Flora UV printers

Color Laboratory is an authorized distributor and service of UV printers from the Chinese manufacturer Flora. For years, we have been observing an improvement in the efficiency and quality of printing of subsequent models of Flora plotters, which successively hit the Polish market. The devices are intended in particular for graphic studios, printing houses and advertising studios that expect a wide range of printing possibilities on flexible materials. Our UV roll plotters are characterized by low ink and energy consumption, which is why these devices are willingly chosen by many entrepreneurs in the printing industry. Flora industrial printers for roll-to-roll printing can be used even for those flexible materials that are sensitive to high temperatures. The operation of the devices is characterized by complete repeatability, which is particularly important in the case of serial production.

UV LED RTR printers

UV plotters offer printing in white color regardless of the color of the surface of the carrier. For demanding customers, it is possible to add a varnish that refines the printout and creates a glossy effect without the use of a laminate. XTRA models work in the basic PhotoPrint ripper in the latest version 12 or, on request, in the well-known and respected Caldera program. Flora is complemented by the printer control program - Flora System Control. As a certified Flora service we will answer every question and make every effort to ensure our customers' satisfaction from constant cooperation. Flora devices and professional service are a chance for profit and development of your company. We cordially invite you to the presentation of the selected model.