Solvent printers

Color Laboratory MD oferuje drukarki solwentowe i ecosolwentowe, czyli atramentowe plotery, które są powszechnie stosowane w wielu zakładach poligraficznych.
Nasza oferta oparta jest o znane i sprawdzone rozwiązania oraz podzespoły najwyższej jakości. Drukarki charakteryzują się solidną konstrukcją i wyjątkową jakością pracy.
Solvent ink strongly penetrates the structure of the material, regardless of its type. Thanks to this, prints made with solvent plotters are not affected by sunlight, do not fade and retain clarity. They show high resistance to mechanical damage, temperature changes, water, as well as abrasion, which is why they are eagerly used for the production of advertising materials.
Solvent plotters are used to make advertising banners, signs information boards, signs and billboards. With them you can also print banner mesh, Canvas, various types of foils and, of course, traditional paper. traditional paper, of course.
The work of solvent printers, which you will find in our offer, is very efficient - printing is fast, as well as very precise and stable . This This type of device is indispensable for any company dealing with dealing with professional outdoor printing.

Ecosolvent printers

Ecosolvent plotters use inks based on organic solvents, which, unlike water-based inks are resistant to weathering and adhere permanently to plastics. For this reason, the prints are perfect for elements to be located outdoors. The technique can be used both in series production and for single copies. In our offer we have solvent and ecosolvent with printing widths of 180 cm and 320 cm.