DTF Printers

Prints on textiles made in DTF (Direct to Film) technology is a modern solution that is increasingly used as an alternative to the typical DTG (Direct to Garment) print. Using DTF printers it is possible to make an excellent quality print, which is also characterized by high durability. This method works especially well for small and medium-sized projects and can be used both for printing a small amount of materials and for large series. Printing in DTF technology is extremely effective - the process is very fast and its costs are low. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer of DTF printers, as well as other textile printers. If necessary, we guarantee professional advice on the selection of the most optimal model.

DTF printing - a revolution in textile printing

In DTF technology, the inks do not mix with the fabric, because the graphics are prepared in advance as a printout on PET foil, which is then covered with a layer of powder glue. The foil with the primer is applied to the surface of the fabric and welded without losing the desired color. In this case, the effect achieved does not depend on the quality of the fabric, and the technology itself can be successfully used for both cotton and, for example, polyester. The efficiency of DTF printers results from the possibility of making several or even several graphics simultaneously. The resulting prints are extremely flexible, do not crumble and are above average resistant to washing. The DTF technology gives great opportunities for the production of multi-colored prints on fabrics of any type and color without loss of quality.