Flatbed printers for printing on flat materials

Printers can print not only on paper, but also on many other materials. Among other things, the glass printer is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to make precise prints on media that have not been printed before. The printing industry using Flatbed printers is able to offer customers completely new possibilities. Thanks to devices such as the Flora XTRA2512/32220 wood printer, you can print directly on wood, for example plywood or solid wood. In turn, the Liyu HiTex32 polyester printer allows for industrial printing on this material. One cannot forget about the Flora XTRA2000H glass printer, which prints directly on the glass surface - the effect is very aesthetic, modern-looking objects, for example display materials or decorations. Thanks to the UV LED technology used, projects are not limited by the material, its texture or color.

UV technology in flatbed printers

UV LED plotters are one of the most universal devices used in the printing industry. Thanks to them, you can print typical materials, such as large-format foils and paper sheets, prepare photo wallpapers or advertising banners, as well as implement a project on a more demanding surface. UV LED printing allows you to print, among others, glass, MDF boards, metal, textiles, wood or synthetic paper, regardless of whether they are colorless or colored. Plotters available in our store enable printing on rigid and flexible materials.

Flatbed printers offer an almost unlimited spectrum of applications. They are used to make prints on flags, carpets, clothes, labels and packaging. They are an irreplaceable tool for creating advertising materials - thanks to them you can apply graphics to soft and hard objects, made of paper or plastic. UV LED plotters have also revolutionized the interior design industry - with their help, you can prepare unusual decorations for panels, doors or glass, which will decorate the kitchen, bedroom or living room. If you are interested in UV technology, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the individual models of Flatbed printers and hybrid printers . Tell us about your needs and we will suggest which plotter will work best in your company.