Cutting plotters

In the printing industry, the final effect consists of both the quality of the print and the proper finish of the material. While the colors and durability of the graphics are provided by a high-end printer, the cutting plotter is responsible for aesthetic media trimming. The device is used to incise or cut letters, as well as other selected shapes in materials commonly used in printing. Cutting plotters are essential in facilities such as printing houses and advertising agencies. However, their possibilities do not end there - cutters are also used for marking clothes, embossing markings on packaging, as well as cutting plastics. Employees of our sales department will be happy to tell you which model of the cutting plotter will work best for your industry.

The devices that are in our assortment are characterized by outstanding cutting precision. The solid construction of industrial plotters enables long-term and effective work. The experienced Color Laboratory team also provides complete equipment installation and service. All devices from our offer use the latest technologies to meet the requirements of intensive production processes. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the models of cutting plotters we recommend, as well as DTF printers, UV and other devices that will contribute to the development of your business.


The new iEcho cutting plotter is a large format cutting system providing the best choice for multi-discipline, automatic processing. This is a very high quality Chinese cutter. Its system can be fine-tuned for full cut, half cut, engraving, milling, gouging and marking. The user-friendly operating system will show our partners excellent processing results. Cutter for cutting in various sizes and configurations!


"IECHO" Series

The use of a milling cutting plotter deserves special attention:

Signs and Advertising/Packaging

KompozytyaTK4 Large format cutting system is a comprehensive solution for the advertising industry, especially in the processing of PP paper, corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard with stickers, honeycomb and other materials. It can be equipped with a high-speed milling spindle for processing acrylic, aluminum, plastic boards and other hard materials. With automatic roll/sheet feeder, it can do full-time automatic production.

Car upholstery

TK4 Large format cutting system is a comprehensive solution for a wide range of materials used in the automotive industry, including textiles, PVC and many other interior items.


TK4 Large format cutting system can replace manual painting, manual cutting and other traditional crafts in the processing of composite material products, especially for irregularities such as irregular patterns and other complex samples, effectively improving production efficiency and cutting accuracy.

Clothing and textiles

Equipped with a powerful powered rotary tool (PRT) for slitting and punching (PPT) and an automatic correction system, the TK4 large format cutting system provides an integrated solution for cutting designer garments and advanced custom garment production.

Other industries

It is widely used in global non-metal industries such as footwear, luggage, membrane, sporting goods, toys, wind power, medical supplies, etc. to provide professional and stable integrated cutting solutions for the non-metal industry.

Furniture and textiles

TK4 Large format cutting system is an integrated solution for the home textile industry, not only significantly improving the utilization and processing efficiency of textiles, but also effectively improving the quality of products.