Industrial printers for printing on cardboard

The Chinese manufacturer of industrial printers Flora presents new solutions in industrial printing. The SPT-1800 "Textra" and SPC-1800 devices enable extremely efficient and fast printing on various types of materials, including natural fiber, polyester or transfer paper. The printing speed achieved by the "Textra" model is as much as 80 m/min., while the Flora SPC-1800 can print up to 150 m/min.! In the past, large-format printers of this type were extremely expensive and could only be afforded by larger industrial manufacturing companies. However, the latest Flora model, Single Pass, meets the needs of medium and small entrepreneurs, locating itself in a completely different price range. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the offer of Flora industrial printers! In our assortment you will find both cardboard printers and flatbed printers for rigid materials and hybrid plotters.

Flora industrial printers for carton marking

Cardboard packaging is used in every branch of industry. They are used to store and store various types of products, they also protect them from damage during transport. In order to easily identify the contents of cardboard packaging, it is necessary to mark them appropriately. The print can include text, bar code, date or logo - it is important that it is legible and durable. Packaging can be provided with self-adhesive labels, but printing directly on the cardboard turns out to be a more effective solution. It allows you to avoid waste from labels, and also positively affects the recycling of waste paper. Flora industrial plotters enable efficient marking of most of the cardboard materials available on the market. The resulting prints are not only durable, but also precise and aesthetic.