Hybrid printers

Hybrid printers have been known on the Polish market since 2017, when Flora XTRA2000H entered the printing industry scene. Its bigger sister, Flora XTRA3300H, was also well received and therefore it could not be missing from the assortment of the Color Laboratory store. Both large-format plotters print in UV LED technology, using the XTRA solution used by the Flora brand. This year, the manufacturer is preparing completely new models of hybrid UV LED printers - Flora C25H for printing on cardboard and Flora XTRA 20h with the latest KM 1024A heads. Revolutionary UV printing, enabling the application of graphics on traditional and unusual substrates, is used by a variety of devices - versatile hybrid printers, flatbed plotters and UV printers roll-to-roll. The versatility of hybrid plotters results from their ability to print both rigid and roll materials. This means that with one device you can print on glass, MDF, wood and dibond, as well as on paper and foil.

FLORA Hybrid Printers

Keundo Hybrid Printers

Application of hybrid plotters

In hybrid printers, the material is guided by a conveyor belt, and the carriage moves in the X axis. The device offers rich colors and excellent print quality. The graphics show excellent durability, which is why hybrid plotters are irreplaceable in the advertising sector. UV printing technology guarantees the durability of prints on advertising banners exposed to weather conditions, it also works well in the case of gadgets. Thanks to UV plotters, even the most original interior designs can be implemented, using prints on glass panes, furniture and fabrics. We cordially invite you to contact us! We will be happy to advise you which model will best meet the needs of your company.