ProfiJet sublimation printers

The efficiency and quality of ProfiJet devices for sublimation printing are appreciated by customers from all over Europe. Sublimation printers, which you will find in our assortment, are used to print directly on polyester fabrics or on transfer paper. ProfiJet plotters meet a variety of expectations - they can print small graphics in A4 or A3 format, as well as implement large industrial projects. Regardless of whether your priority is to print large series of clothing or unique interior decorations to individual order, ProfiJet sublimation printers will perfectly fulfill any task in the field of printing on polyester and other stretch and non-stretch fabrics.

The use of ProfiJet sublimation printers

The wide range of colors offered by ProfiJet sublimation plotters makes these devices perfect for the fashion industry. The obtained colors are characterized by clarity and stability, guaranteeing above-average print quality. Sublimation printers are also irreplaceable in wholesale production of sportswear, where repeatability of motifs and work efficiency are of the greatest importance. Color Laboratory also offers devices intended for the production of interior decoration elements - sublimation plotters can cover pillows, curtains, blinds or upholstery with ink, while hybrid printers are great for glass panes or MDF boards. Sublimation printers are also used in the advertising industry. Contact our sales department and find a device that will meet the needs of your business!