Primer for printing on glass

Find out what primer for glass is. Striking digital prints on glass are very popular these days. Printed doors, windows, panels, pictures can be a great decoration of many spaces. In order to make the print on glass look stunning and durable, it is worth using a primer for glass and ceramics designed for UV printing.

Primer for glass is a special preparation, whose main purpose is to improve the quality and durability of print made on glass surfaces. Primer causes a change in the structure of the glass surface, improving its adhesion to the ink. At the same time it remains invisible on the glass and does not change the colors of the print.

Advantages of using primer for printing on glass:

- effectively improves print adhesion on glass surfaces
- increases durability of UV print on glass
- very easy to apply
- remains completely invisible after application onto the glass.

The use of primers is very simple. The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface to be printed. Then apply a thin layer of primer on the glass, wait the indicated time and polish the surface with a clean cloth.

Before making the first product, it is recommended to prepare test prints to check whether the primer works properly with the glass surface and the inks.

Professional glass primer will be useful in every company that deals with printing on glass and ceramic surfaces.

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