Specialized service for Large Format Printers is the best choice for such malfunctions - with the support of experts, you can rely on rapid restarting of your equipment and reduction of possible downtime.

The plotters are exposed to a variety of wear, including miscalibration and wear of certain components. In this case, expert support is required - an experienced service for Gongsheng plotters and Liyu plotters, among others, is indispensable in the event of malfunctions of any kind.

The service technician is able to carry out an appropriate diagnosis of the device and can often carry out necessary repairs on site, such as the replacement of used parts or the configuration of the device.

If you need a professional Gongsheng service or printing equipment service for Liyu machines, please contact the experts of Color Laboratory now and order the service. Service technicians often arrive on the same day and immediatly carry out professional diagnoses and necessary repairs.