Flora Textra SPT-1800 Single Pass


Chinese manufacturer of large format printers Flora presents a new solution in industrial printing. Extremely efficient and fast printing is enabled by SPT-1800 "Textra" device. It prints on various types of fabrics, such as: natural fiber, polyester, transfer paper. Printing speed reaches as much as 80 m/minute! In the past, industrial printers of this type were extremely expensive and rather found only in larger companies engaged in industrial production. However, Flora has decided to change this with its latest Single Pass model, which is positioned in a completely different price segment! To make an offer please contact us.


  • Module dimensions for printing: 660c460x285cm
  • Printing width: 173cm
  • Modern 5pl fine droplet print heads
  • 1200×1200 dpi
  • Printing speed: up to 80m/minute

     The printer prints on most textile materials and fabrics, including:

  • Natural fiber
  • polyester
  • transfer paper
Additional information    
  • 6 colors
  • 2-circulation system
  • Degassing system
  • Constant temperature system
  • Moisture system in the ink system
  • Automatic heads cleaning system

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