XTRA 5000H UV LED is a hybrid printer designed for printing on rigid and rolled media in the Roll to Roll system. It is a UV LED plotter with a very wide range of applications and unlimited possibilities. The dimensions of the material + the speed of printing has gotten now to another, bigger and faster, dimension!


The biggest Chinese manufacturer on the LFP-market has put a great effort to optimize the sophisticated demands of the largest formats that must meet today’s quality and reliability standards. And now, during the FESPA – period we are proud to offer exclusive offers for our clients! Please ask our sales staff on stand 5-M75 or/and via email for the offer that suits you best!


  • Modern Printheads Konica Minolta 1024i
  • Printing with Variable Droplet Size from 6pl to 18pl
  • Printing Speed up to 160 m2/h
  • Printing on Flexible and Rigid Media up to 500cm Width and 51mm Thickness / Height
  • Drive Belt with 8-Zone Intake System
  • White Ink and the Possibility to Print Colour-White-Colour (& Varnish)


This printer prints on all available roll and rigid materials, including

  • glass, wood, metal, tinplate, foam,
  • ceramics, tiles, boards, plywood, gypsum boards,
  • pcvc foam, plexi, acrylic, cartons,
  • aluminum, acrylic, corrugated cardboard,
  • fabrics, banners, flags,
  • Wallpaper, decorative papers,
  • wood, mats, carpets, flooring,
  • doors, windows, building materials, floor panels,
  • ceilings, plaster, partitions,
  • prints on media up to 5.1cm thick.

Possible configurations of Printheads:

  • CMYK (x1, x2, x3, x 4)
  • CMYK + White + White (alternatively Varnish)
  • CMYKLcLm W W
  • CMYKLcLm W W  (x2)
  • CMYKLcLm W W V (x2)
  • CMYK W (x1, x2, x3)
  • CMYK Lc Lm W (x2)
  • CMYK Lc Lm (x1, x2, x3)

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