KAO Chimigraf Atomic

-- This year's winner and Gold Medalist of the Prize of Innovations at REMA DAYS --

Ink for printers with LED lamps.

Dedicated to printheads: Konica Minolta 1024i/6pl, Konica Minolta 1024i/14pl, Ricoh Gen5.

For printers: Flora , GongZheng , Docan , Agfa M2050i LED , Agfa RtR 3200 LED

Info: Atomic and Cyclone inks replace Energy (price list for improvement)

Atomic - an ink dedicated to LED lamps and flat and hybrid machines. It has very good adhesion on flat materials, can be folded (it bends on hard materials).

Cyclone - ink dedicated for LED lamps and roll-to-roll printers

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