KAO Chimigraf Impression & Impact

Ink for printers with mercury lamp systems (C,M,Y,K,LC,LM).

Printheads : Konica Minolta 1024/14pl , 512/14pl , SpectraPolaris PQ512/15pl , Konica Minolta 1024i/6pl , Konica Minolta 1024i/14pl , Ricoh Gen5 , Toshiba CA4/CA3

Specially developed UV-drying ink for printers, e. g. : Flora , GongZheng , Docan , Pegasus , Agfa M4 , M4W , M4V , M2 , M1600, M2050 , Rtr3200, Durst Rho 600 i 800, RhoPac160 i 700, Inca Eagle / Columbia / Spyder / Onset, HP NUR Tempo, Virtu 36 i 72, Vutek PV200.

The difference between Impact and Impression:

Impression - Flexible ink, for roller and hybrid printers. It is very flexible on roll materials.

Impact - Rigit ink, for flat and hybrid printers. It has good adhesion on flat materials.

As for hybrid printers: the customer decides for himself which ink to choose, it depends on what more he prints on roll media or flat printers.

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