KAO Chimigraf Cyclone

Color Laboratory: This ink's evolution goes like a cyclone!

The new Chimigraf ink series "Cyclone" is a continuation of the "success story" of European origin, which accompanies the printing industry in the whole of Europe, and thanks to the company Color Laboratory, they also have a strong representative on the Polish market, winning the Gold Medal OOH Magazin in the year 2017. Last year the "older" brother of Cyclone, Chimigraf Energy, won this award.

So far it has been one of the most desired inks of Chimigraf's full range of ink offers here in Poland, which covers what the printing soul desires: UV, LED, solvent, mild & true eco-solvent, single-pass & oil-based, water-based, impregnation and primers - what can we expect?

Printers who are looking for an extremely wide range of inkjet applications for hybrid printers, pay attention here comes the information for you! We remind you that we are dealing with printing on soft substrates such as banners, tarpaulins, backlit, foils, wallpapers, various types of fabrics where excellent ink flexibility is required, as well as "this other" feature which is substantial adhesion performance in printing on rigid substrates such as cardboard, wood, foam, acrylic, vinyl, plasterboards but also glass, metal and tin.

It is at this point that the new Chimigraf series "Cyclone" attracted our attention. The power of flexibility and outstanding adhesion is a constant evolution in the printing market.

Wider colour gamut

In addition to the well-known CMYK+White configuration in the world of UV LED printing and additional options for demanding a wider range of offers for its customers, including 3D effects using Varnish, for even better results in coloring is most often chosen Light Magenta and Light Cyan, but Chimigraf Cyclone enriches this already standard assortment of a number of printing shops with Yellow Light and Key Colour Light, thus creating LightCMYK in one line.

We are building the future on a colourful foundation of success!

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