KAO Chimigraf ecoPure

Eco Chimigraf Eco Pure inks are eco-solvent inks from the Spanish company KAO Chimigraf, a leading supplier of inks on the market.

They are compatible with EPSON heads DX4, DX5, DX6, DX7.

This Eco-Solvent ink is characterized by high pigment quality, short drying time, UV resistance, exceptional abrasion resistance and increased optical density, which reduces wear. The nano-sized pigment particles prevent clogging of the print heads.

Ink for indoor and outdoor applications. Odorless.

Eco Pure Ink
Eco Pure ink is designed for eco-solvent plotters from manufacturers such as Roland, Mimaki, Epson and other brands/printers based on DX4, DX5, DX6, DX7 heads, including Chinese plotters.

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