Choosing the right ink types for your plotter is crucial to the quality of your prints. Poorly selected inks can cause the finished print to have weakly bright colours that fade quickly when exposed to external influences.

That's why choosing special inks like Kao Chimigraf Spicy for Gongsheng printers, Kao Chimigraf Eco for Mimaki printers or Kao Chimigraf UVICA for Oce printers is a very important matter in terms of the final result.

The very good pigmentation of Kao Chimigraf inks enables a strong and vivid print that immediately catches the eye. Ink quality can also be measured by how it behaves outdoors - it should not fade or turn yellow quickly when exposed to UV light to present the print as long as possible.

Plotter users can obtain Chimigraf Kao inks at lower prices. This does not mean that you need to change the quality of your prints - you can also choose a printer that delivers comparable or even better results, such as the spanish KAO Chimigraf ink.

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