Choosing the right ink types for plotters is a key issue for the quality of printouts. Improperly selected inks can cause the finished printout to have little vivid colour, which quickly starts to fade when exposed to external factors. Check our offer for solvent inks and mild/true eco solvent inks of the highest quality.

This is why the selection of special inks, such as KAO Chimigraf Spicy for Gongzheng printers, KAO Chimigraf Eco for Mimaki printers or KAO Chimigraf UVICA for Oce printers, is a very important step to take from the perspective of the final effect.

The very good pigmentation of KAO Chimigraf inks allows to obtain a print with strong and vivid colours that will immediately catch the customer's eye. The quality of the inks can also be judged by how they behave when they are outside - they should not quickly fade or become yellow under UV light to present the print as long as possible.

Users of plotters can use KAO Chimigraf inks at more attractive prices. Replacement does not mean a change in print quality - you can also choose one that gives comparable or even better results like the Spanish KAO Chimigraf inks.

Gold Medal 2017 OOH Magazine for "Energy LED".

Bronze Medal for Rema Days 2019 "Chimigraf Cyclone"

Gold Medal for Rema Days 2020 "Chimigraf Atomic"

There are 400 satisfied users in Poland alone.

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