New TK4 large-format cutting system

Large format cutting system provides best choice for multi Industries automatic processing.  It's system can be precisely used for full cutting, half cutting,  engraving, creasing, grooving and marking. Meanwhile precise cutting performance could meet your large format requirement. user-friendly operating system will show you perfect processing results

The possibiliies of this cutting plotter deserves special attention:

Sign & Advertising/Packaging
TK4 Large format cutting system provides a total cutting solution to the advertising industry especially in terms of pp paper, foam board, sticker corrugated board, honeycomb other materials processing. it can be equipped with high speed milling spindle for acrylic, aluminium, plastic plate and other hard materials processing. with the automatic rolls/sheets feeder it could make full-time automatic production.

Automobile  Upholstery
TK4 Large format cutting system provides a total solution for a wide variety of materials used in the automotive industry including textiles, PVC, and many other interior components.

TK4 Large format cutting system can replace hand painting, hand cutting and other traditional crafts in the composite material products processing, especially for irregularities such as irregular patterns and other complex samples, effectively improving the production efficiency and cutting accuracy

Garment & Textile
Equipped with powerful driven rotary tool (PRT) notch & punching tool (PPT) and automatic correcting system, TK4 large format cutting system provides an integrated cutting solution to Brand garments and advanced custom made garments industry

Other industries
Is widely applied to Global non-metallic Industries such as Footwear, luggage, membrane, Sporting Goods, toys, wind power, medical supplies Etc. in order to provide professional and stable integrated cutting solutions for non metal Industrial

Furniture and textile
TK4 Large format cutting system provides an integrated cutting solution to the home textile industry not only significantly improving the textile utilization and processing efficiency but also effectively improving product quality. to achieve high efficiency of products, low supplies cost and quality optimization

iEcho series
iEcho series


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