Arista UV "U" Series

Arista U ink is dedicated to flatbed and hybrid printers in UV LED or UV printing technology.
The technologically advanced formula allows the print to be cured under UV and LED lamps. One of the important features of Arista U is the yellow color which has a rich dark orange pigment but when printed it produces a pure saturated yellow color. The pigment used in this series produces a light yellow color with few passes and low ink consumption.
Arista U with a print resolution of up to 900 dpi uses on average 15-20% less ink compared to competitive solutions. 
ARISTA U sued for high-quality printing with high adhesion on materials not intended for direct digital printing - glass, wood, metal, fabrics, MDF, acrylic, plastics, etc.
ARISTA U series UV inks are fully compatible with printheads with a droplet size of 5 to 50pl
Konica Minolta КМ 1024, КМ 1024i, KM 1600, Ricoh Gen 4, Gen 5 (MH5420, MH5440), Gen 6 (MH5320, MH5340), Fuji Samba, StarFire, Sapphire, Seiko SPT 510/ 1020, Spectra 128 / 256, Toshiba CA4W/CE4/CE8.