ProfiInk DTF

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Profiink Dtf

“Profi Ink” 

Water-based pigment ink, used in DTF (Direct To Film) technology.
The ink enables printing on the foil and then transferring, using a thermal press, inscriptions and images from the printed foil to the fabric
The substrates that can be transferred to are: cotton, polyester, linen, nylon, polyester-cotton, nylon-cotton, etc.
Examples of things that can be printed on: T-shirts, shoes, bags, sportswear, home decorations, home textiles, interior and exterior decorative fabrics.
A very important feature of ProfiInk DTF ink is its high pigment saturation, which allows for vivid colors and snow-white ink (W), which in turn allows for the preservation of vivid colors after transferring the print to a dedicated material. Installation of ProfiInk DTF ink requires thorough cleaning of the printer from previously used inks.
The ink works with plotters with heads
Epson: i3200, 4720, XP600, DX5, 5113, F2000, L1800, R1390 etc.

Dospępne kolory atramentów: (opakowanie 1l)

–  Also we offer flush for the layout and print heads, DTF foil and powder glue.